World's first.


3D modeler for Apple Watch

Design & Coding by Patrik Stenberg

Yes, it's wristblowing.

The biggest things in life can start from the smallest things. All the 3D scenes below were sculpted and colored by Patrik Stenberg in Wristima on Apple Watch. Exported, textured and rendered in other 3D applications.

Start small. Finish huge.

Create on Apple Watch. Visualize in Augmented Reality on iPhone and iPad.

World's first.


Drum machine for Apple Watch

Design & Coding by Patrik Stenberg

Make music

Create beats near your pulse with different instruments. Scratch with Digital Crown.

For the future.


Free pixel art editor for Apple Watch

Design & Coding by Patrik Stenberg

Create pixel art

Let’s capture the spirit of the past and create something new. All artwork below is pixelated by Patrik Stenberg in Yoktopix on Apple Watch. Synced with iCloud to iPhone and exported in high resolution.

The power of limits

It is easy to feel overwhelmed today with all the possibilities that exist. When you only have your Apple Watch, a small grid and a limited amount of colors, we believe that your creativity can flourish in new ways.

Patrik Stenberg

Founder of Aftercompute AB and creator of its products and services. Patrik has a master of science degree in computer science and engineering from Chalmers University of Technology and 15 years of professional experience in mobile development. In this time, he has helped several international industrial companies to create unique and meaningful apps. But with his eagerness to improve and innovate, often with the latest technology, the very best apps are yet to come.


Christian Lauritzen
Entrepreneur & Innovation enabler

- "Patrik is a pleasure to work with. He always brings great energy and a positive attitude. He is also extremely good at creating useful and user friendly applications, often leveraging and exploring the latest technologies. This is probably partly because of his curiosity. He has a keen interest in areas such as VR/AR, Quantum computing and other emerging technologies, and often manages to transform the knowledge into something tangible. That he is a highly skilled developer goes without saying. I highly recommend Patrik to any team."

Isabell Oskarsson
Senior UX designer at Volvo Cars

- "Patrik is a most valued team member in our cross-functional team at Volvo Cars Labs. He is a dependable team player that not only deliver the features me as a designer ask for but always raise the bar to build qualitative and beautiful user interfaces. His skills reaches far beyond code, always with the user in focus, revenue in mind and on top of what is happening in the world. Patrik is a positive force, passionate about innovative products. Together we have worked on a passion project of ours including Augmented Reality, an area in which he can truly create magic. I would recommend him any day!"

Linus Bille
Head of Systems at Eicorn

- "Patrik is Royal! He is first and foremost a great person with a warm and open heart and a humble, friendly and curious mindset. I.e. a great resource for any team just by who he is as a person. On top of that, he is an enormously gifted coder and problem-solver -the kind of guy that get things done 110% every time. I would work again with Patrik on any project if I got the opportunity, which I hope I do some day, and would highly recommend anyone to work with him. I have worked with hundreds of engineers over the years, Patrik is absolutely on my top 10 list of the best tech-people I have met. Keep it up Your Majesty!"

Tobias Persson
Project Manager IoT at IFS

- "Patrik were in my consultant group at HiQ for some years and it was a true privilege from day one. As a developer and mobile applications architect professional, Patrik constantly and very consistently worked to stay on top of his game. He dedicated himself to be the best developer he could possibly be and, needless to say if you know him, he kept his pace and that promise. Patrik is downright one of the most skilled, professional and customer focused mobile developers I have ever encountered. Besides his solid tech acumen, Patrik and I often discussed many other worldly matters and I always found that very rewarding. He is simply a nice individual to be around. I would highly recommend Patrik for any team going forward."

Daniel Nordin
Director Consulting Services at CGI

- "I have had the absolute privilege to have Patrik as a colleague during my years at HiQ. Patrik is always energized, bringing a positive feeling to complex and distant techniques always leaving you with a great feeling of responsibility and ambition to simplify the interesting digital world. The more you get to know Patrik the more you also appreciate his humble and thoughtful mind set as a person. I would highly recommend Patrik and do not forget to ask him about his skills as a magician."

Madelene Lindberg
Senior Manager at Volvo Cars

- "I have had the pleasure to have Patrik in my Innovation team, within Volvo Cars for several years. Through his curiosity and engagement he always was up to date with the latest technology development in order to apply it on several of our most successful innovations. His contribution has thought many of us how to apply new technology into new valuable services. He is a dedicated developer and except from excellent development skills he has also contributed to very good team spirit. His kind and lovely manner has been equally important in our agile innovation team, where culture is one of the cornerstones for creating great innovations. I would love to work with him again if I will have the opportunity."

Benny Krantz
Business Area Manager at Elicit

- "I had the pleasure of working with Patrik for 5 years, both as a PL and as a manager for the mobility team. We shared struggles in Gothenburg in some projects and traveled across Europe in others. He is one of the most complete developers I know and is humble enough to still work on it and he continues to deliver a bit more than requested every time. As a person, Patrik is humble, empathetic and straight. He has the ability to always be liked by colleagues and people in his vicinity. I have seen him speak to hundreds of people and he was as calm and stable as if he had been alone in front of the mirror at home."

Daniel Leinerud
Senior UX Specialist at CEVT

- "Patrik is one of the most hard working and competent developers I've ever worked with. Highly interested in user experience which makes it a delight to work together. Patrik has a very open personality and cares a lot about how people around him are feeling. Bring Patrik in to your team asap, you will not regret it."

Mattias Ludvigsson
UX Lead at Collector Bank

- "Patrik is a real magician who creates magic with his code, where a superior user experience is as important as technical perfection. With an incredibly humble and positive attitude he takes on all the challenges with a big smile and he has always delivered beyond expectation. With his broad and deep expertise in mobile development and his eye for design, I happily recommend him every day of the week!"

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